by Grains & Grams

4- 27 September 2020

What is Normal?

If Normal was to be defined as a conformity of situation that neither exceed nor lessen one’s expectation then in this sense it is relative to each individual’s anticipation of an up-coming occurrence. To put simply, what is normal is what comply with our subjective sense of familiarity.

The phrase New Normal was coined following the recent and on-going pandemic, referring to a certain code of conducts, social interactions and a peculiar situation we are all part of.
It assumes its meaning in a collective societal agreement of shared expectations. What may have been strange is now rendered accustomed to. A sense of return, home-coming but yet shifted upon arrival. The pandemic has showed that oppor- tunities can rise from limitations. It exposed society’s short- comings and produced inconveniences that might have forced us to adapt ourselves or in some extreme cases reinvent our life from scratch.

The pressure to return to New Normal leads us to no perma- nent change and which would not lead to another and/or bet- ter systems, either social, economic or environmental. What
if Normal is just a thin veneer that ply over our dissident thoughts. A form of anesthetic used to mute our inner conflict, a lid that stops our emotions from boiling over. What happens when our internal circumstances do not match the expectations forced upon us by the ready-made set of rules? Are we just going to keep conforming just for the sake of?

Never Was Normal

Grains & Grams, the Bangkok based wood-working collective is proud to present Never was Normal, a group exhibition of latest, never-seen-before pieces from 8 designers, artists and makers highlighting a newly gained perspective during the pandemic. An observation prompted by an opportunity to spend more time away from what was once normal. Each work presented ponders around the definition of normality

as an ideal life, a provided standard, something safe, familiar, and comfortable.

The scenography of the exhibition reflects on the stages
we go through in a state of emergency. Starting with new rules forced by emergency law, going through the discomfort feeling of entering something unfamiliar, protecting ourselves & loved ones, and finally finding balance and appreciation in the mundane.

The exhibition encourage visitors to share a moment of stillness, reflect on our feelings and potentially implement changes in our daily lives that places generosity and empathy to the forefront.

Exhibition opens: 4th-27th September 2020, 11am-7pm Location: The Shophouse 1527, no.1527 Rama lV Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Exhibiting artists: o-d-a & Phisanu, Meanwhile Woodwork, Nucharin W, Nakornsang Studio, Pichan Sujaritsatit Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri, Nanu Youttananukorn,

Photo credit: Grains & Grams/ The Shophouse 1527




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