“The Silence Project: Covid19 19.00”
by Thepharak Chanomnoychai

Now Normal is an initiative by The Shophouse 1527 that started in mid-May 2020. Its aim is to galvanize and showcase collective ideas of independent artists and designers whose interests deal with the impacts of Covid-19. These artworks may illustrate how our livelihood has changed, how

physical spaces in our cities have morphed, how our social interactions have been affected, or how our daily routine has temporarily been altered.

Now Normal is a rotating exhibit that will take place by different artist groups from July to August 2020.

Now Normal 1: July

- "The Silence Project: Covid19 19.00" by Thepparak Janaumnuaychai

- "C2H5OH (75%)" by Khemtis Bumrungrat, Anawat Petchudonsinsuk ,Thanaphong Phisitsin

Now Normal by The Shophouse 1527 aims to help create and curate collective memory of humanity as we struggle through this important disruption in our lives. Even though we are starting to emerge from the worst phase of the pandemic, the exhibit by these artists should serve to remind you that we are all in a vulnerable situation and the pandemic may  haunt us again anytime.

Covid-19 19.00 is a photography exhibit whose aim is to showcase various scenes of Bangkok after the Coronavirus lockdown that started when the government announced the closure of high-risk venues and the ban of public activities on March 22nd 2020 at 19.00. Bangkok, known for its colorful and vibrant life, was suddenly deserted and turned into a ghost town. During the time that I spent capturing these images, I was constantly reminded that what I was seeing was not a familiar Bangkok life. It was a sudden  stoppage of time and life.




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